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We know you like your business to run as smooth as possible. With our proactive solutions, we’ll know about issues in your environment before you do so that we can resolve them before they create major downtime. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dental practice, medical centre or a mechanic, we’ve got you covered! Want to find out more?

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Individual IT services that target a specific need, allowing you to select only the services you require.

Essential IT Support

Our team of field engineers and NOC support group are available to assist with all your day to day IT support or project requirements.

Managed Service

Fully outsourced solutions, designed to fulfill an organizations entire IT requirements.

Proactive Maintenance

Management plan designed to support key IT systems. Delivers value through operational reliability and preventing issues.

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The intersection of art and science

The intersection of art and science

In this video, Asta Roseway, Microsoft Principal Research Designer/Fusionist, shares her thoughts on fusing art, technology and science to address crucial issues like climate change, pollution exposure, mental health and other challenges currently facing society. Asta shares about innovative creations such as speaking to plants with red light and blue light, wind chimes that create different sounds based on air quality and Ada, the new living architecture installment at Microsoft Campus designed by Jenny Sabin.

Does someone know your password?

Does someone know your password?

You might have seen recently the case of a Ring Camera system being hacked and someone spying on a young child in their home.

This was picked up by the media and the video went viral.

The method the hacker used to access this camera is the same method that could be used to hack your company’s network.

We are going to outline the risk and what you can do to protect your company’s systems and data.

A planetary computer for Earth

A planetary computer for Earth

Watch this video to find out how Microsoft AI for Earth building a solid foundation for what Microsoft Chief Environmental Officer Lucas Joppa calls a dynamic, globally comprehensive planetary computer.

How to secure your business smartphone in 5 minutes

How to secure your business smartphone in 5 minutes

When it comes to mobile device security, it’s usually an afterthought. However, more company data and business are now being done on mobile devices than ever before.

You’ll learn in the next 5 minutes some of the easiest things you can do to secure your company smartphones. Read on to find out some of the best practices.

3 steps to a secure password

3 steps to a secure password

There’s a lot of talk about cybersecurity and all the recent data breaches. Big headlines but you know what’s missing? Some basic advice for small businesses about how to keep their IT systems secure.

In this post, I’m going to tell you the 3 simple steps you should implement today to create a secure password for yourself and something you can share with your colleagues.

As an added bonus – you’ll learn the password security method that makes things simple. Hence, you are not having to remember multiple passwords or create a new password every other week.

How to secure your company’s IT systems like a boss

How to secure your company’s IT systems like a boss

I’m sure you agree with me when I say that there is not a week that goes by when you don’t see an email or hear about cybersecurity and how cybercriminals have bled another victim dry of money.

In this article, I’m going to outline the three most effective ways to secure your IT systems in your business and your personal life.

As a bonus, I promise not to make this too technical and you’ll find out exactly why this need not cost a penny.

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